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CRH Catering Services

Service and Maintenance

Service and MaintenanceA veteran CRH route man would provide Service on a dynamic schedule. A dynamic schedule is the use of cloud computing and real-time data to schedule your machines for service based on the current inventory. On each visit, your route man would fill, clean, and perform general maintenance on the machines. He would also handle refunds and field product requests. You would have the same route man on a consistent basis. This develops a feel and rapport with your company and enables him to stock the products that your employees and clientele prefer.

NOTE: With the implementation of the Seed Real-Time program, your service will be based on real-time information, making it more thorough and customer friendly.

Preventive Maintenance
The key is to prevent problems before they happen, and our Preventive Maintenance Program and service frequency are proven to minimize problems, expensive repairs, and premature replacement. All vending machines receive regularly scheduled preventive maintenance and quality assurance tests. This is in addition to the routine cleaning and sanitizing that occurs every time a service person fills the machine.

Hassle-free Refunds
Although SureVend™ technology virtually eliminates mis-vends, we believe customers who experience a problem are entitled to a prompt refund. Our comment card and refund system features easy-to-find refund slips and envelopes. Customers simply fill in some very basic information and the amount to be refunded. Since each of our locations is unique, we have a variety of ways of handling refunds. The two most popular are refunds provided directly by our vending specialists, while they are servicing the machines, or we can provide a suitable fund to use for refunds, and a building representative, often a receptionist, reimburses customers as required.

It is the policy of CRH to always refund any money lost in your vending machines promptly and courteously with no questions asked. Anyone can receive a refund from any route person, mechanic, manager, or sales rep upon request.

Machine Repairs
CRH has mechanics available 24/7. In the event a problem should occur, simply call the number posted on the machine and CRH Catering Company will respond within two hours, often sooner. Almost all problems are repaired on the first visit. In the event of a serious breakdown or if parts are not readily available, CRH guarantees repair within (3) business days or the machine will be replaced.