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CRH Catering Management Team

Management Team

Joe Cordaro Joe Cordaro
Pete Cordaro Pete Cordaro


Guy Cordaro Guy Cordaro

The namesake of the company’s founder, Guy has been involved with CRH Catering since youth. Having worked for the company during summers and breaks beginning in 1993, he came onboard full-time in 1999. He now oversees two Pennsylvania divisions: Harrisburg and Allentown.

 Craig P. Cordaro

Pioneering Innovator in the Vending/Food and Beverage Industry   Craig Cordaro is a visionary professional with an unwavering passion for micro markets and self-checkout.  Growing up in the vending industry, Craig's journey began at the age of 16 when he first embarked on his path by filling vending machines. From the very outset of his career, Craig demonstrated an acute understanding of the evolving landscape of consumer preferences and technological advancements. Notably, he emerged as one of the industry's early adopters of self-checkout technology, recognizing its potential to transform the way vending services were delivered. Craig has been an integral part of the CRH family for over 14 years. His tenure has been marked by a series of accomplishments and contributions that have elevated both the company and the industry as a whole.

Keith Cordaro

Keith Cordaro
Keith began learning all aspects of the vending business at the young age of 16. He started full time with CRH in 2009 as the General Manager of the Altoona division. He now works out of the corporate office overseeing the financial and operational aspects of the West Penn, West Virginia, and Altoona divisions. 

Michael Cordaro Michael Cordaro

Mike Cordaro is Project/Operations Manager. Mike grew up in the business and began full-time in 2009 overseeing the deployment of vending technology—including telemetry, pre-kitting, dynamic scheduling, and cashless payment options. It is with these important technologies that CRH has been able to grow its business and remain a major competitor in the region.

Wes Yancey Wes Yancey

Corporate Director of Operations

Previously,Operations Manager for Richmond Division. Wes has worked for CRH for 22 years and has 25 years of experience in the Vending Industry. Wes is an active parent supporting the activities of his daughter and enjoys golf as well as the outdoors

Craig Pierce Craig Pierce

Southern Region General Manager. With over 25 years' experience in the vending/food service industry, Craig enjoys providing exceptional customer service to his clients in Virginia and North Carolina. In his spare time, he enjoys all outdoor activities including biking, hunting, fishing, and spending time with his family at the beach.

John Reges John Reges

General Manager for the Hagerstown Division. John has 15 years of experience in the Vending Industry. John has proudly served the Quad States (Pa., Md., Va., and WV.) since 2000. His interests include a love for the outdoors and supporting his children in their activities.