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Route 66® Coffee

Enjoy the rich flavors of our signature line of coffees, Route 66®, at home. These are now available for direct purchase through our website.

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route 66 coffee


state of the art vending machineCRH is proud to be a leader in the vending industry. We stay up to date on the latest trends and technologies, and use them to better serve our customers. Over the years we've adapted these new technologies and have learned how to apply them effectively. We proudly offer:

  • State of the Art Equiment

  • Guaranteed Delivery

  • Multiple Payment Options

  • Wireless Communication

We use only the latest vending machines available. These machines have efficient LED lighting, meet UL standards, and have guaranteed delivery systems-you receive your product or your money back. If the machine jams, not only will you receive your money back, but the system will also notify us to send a mechanic to fix the problem.

Our machines also have the latest payment options available. In addition to bills and coins, all machines are installed with cashless payment options. This allows customers to choose between credit, debit, USConnect, Wallet, PayPass, PayWave and ApplePay.

We also use wireless telemeters that report sales data via cloud computing. This allows us to schedule your machines when they need service, therefore minimizing sell-outs. By doing so we can ensure that the products you want to buy will be available when you wan to buy them. This system also alerts us of many common breakdowns, meaning we can have them fixed before you even knew it was a problem!