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Route 66® Coffee

Enjoy the rich flavors of our signature line of coffees, Route 66®, at home. These are now available for direct purchase through our website.

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Green Initiatives

Fleet awardCRH is committed to doing our part in being a responsible steward to the environment. We understand that given the limited resources of our planet, we must strive toward a sustainable business model. In the past few years we have taken several steps to greatly reduce our carbon footprint.

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle
By using the Seed system, we have reduced the number of vehicles on the road by 30%, drastically cutting down our carbon emissions. In addition to reducing vehicles we have replaced the remaining trucks with highly efficient Sprinter cargo vans, cutting our fuel consumption in half. CRH and Pete Cordaro, as noted below, received an Achievement Award from the Fleet Technology Expo for our accomplishments.

CRH uses reusable plastic totes to pack product from the warehouse, preventing drivers from using cardboard boxes to carry product to the machine. We also recycle all cardboard and wastepaper used in operations.

Award AchievementEnergy Reduction
Another way CRH is environmentally friendly is that we are constantly reducing the use of energy in our office and in the field. All filament-burning lights at our facility have been replaced with highly efficient LED or fluorescent bulbs, reducing not only the electricity used but also the amount of bulbs.

As we upgrade machines in the field, we purchase and install only Energy Star certified machines, with LED lighting and efficient refrigeration units. This not only helps us achieve sustainability, but also reduces energy costs for each location.